Hay Day Virtual Farmers :)

Hey there Hay day virtual farmers, I am here with a new sneak peak about the new features and updates in Hay day.  I love the fact that this update give two brand new machines. I will tell you in details about both those Hay Day machines. 1st is Taco kitchen, this looks like a beautiful kitchen and absolutely gorgeous. 2nd Machine is beautiful little tea stand which is a common sight in India.

Taco Kitchen comes on the level 77, which is a bit high level and most people will never be able to see it ever. The design of this machine is beautiful, its more like an outdoor kitchen with an heating stove of medieval age which uses woods and a rack where various ingredients of Taco are placed. The cost to unlock Taco Kitchen in Hay day is 7,00,000 Gold which is lot.

The second machine, Tea stand in this case gets unlocked at level 80! Which is 3 level higher than 77 and therefore limited to very very few people. The designing is inspired by most of the European tea stalls and Indian tea stalls. Two big pots are placed outside on a rack in a open stall, on other racks cups are arranged. A chair and table is also there beside the stall for the customers. The design looks pretty good. The Tea stand of Hay day cost even higher 7,50,000 gold.

These two machines are fantastic addition in Hay day and keep people engaged. The hay day got so many things now in a small game that it looks more like an economy game than a farming game. You need a lot of resources and level up to unlock these exciting things, please use this hay day hack if you are at lower levels and dont want to waste your time. Its good that hay day is still providing updates so that once you reached the higher level you are not bored. Keep playing this game and let me know what you think.


Xbox and iTunes tips and tricks


Xbox and itunes are one of the most popular names in their respective fields. People who opt for Xbox for playing games, often found listening songs on iTunes. xbox-one-featured-imageWell its not just a style statement or standard symbol but also because these two brands are way ahead of competitors. Lets talk about each of them separately.


There are two basic consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the first one is older version and bit inferior in hardware specs and the later one is more advance but both are capable of playing the best games the graphics are awesome. The closest competitor PSN is not even closer to these two. When connected with Kinnect the Xbox makes the gaming fun, your hand movements and body moments are recognized by Kinnect and we play games. You can play games as single player or multiplayer with Kinnect but if you want to play online then you need free Xbox live gold codes, else you have to pay for it. These codes can give you subscription for 3-12 months and you can play over internet with thousands of players.


iTunes is another major player for digital content. Every ipod or iPhone use it for music streaming as well as digital content download. itunesYou can upload your own music to y0ur device and play it over itunes or your can download it from itunes store. There are lot of things that are free over itunes but for some premium content you have to pay. So either you purchase the itunes card or get it from our free itunes gift cards codes generated by our special software. Its completely safe and you can enjoy the content for free. This can keep you ahead of your friends and get latest movies or shows on your device.


Thats all we have today for our special tips and tricks over this two awesome devices, we will come back with some more tips and tricks. Hope you enjoyed reading and bookmark this site for latest tips and tricks.